Photoshop for iPad

Photoshop for iPad and Desktop is updated

Adobe has recently released an update to Photoshop for desktop and iPad.

The Magic Wand and Healing brush tools, which are already available in the desktop version, now come to the iPad. With Canvas Projection, it is easier to share workspaces on larger screens via HDMI or USB-C, for example to have all menus on the iPad and only the workspace on the larger screen. For the desktop version, there are now even more different skies in Sky Replacement, you can import up to 5,000. The Photoshop Beta Program enables Creative Cloud members to download beta versions directly into Creative Cloud. That way, Adobe hopes to get faster feedback. Transform Warp is further developed with Bezier handling. In the Discover panel, Command + F in macOS) and Ctrl + F in Windows, you can quickly search for tools, workflows and more. There are also a number of tutorials. Read more on Adobe’s blog. The program can be updated via Creative Cloud.

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